Hay, no dry crop concern, just yet

PREPARING TO SOW: Daniel Parker (on right) is pictured here with employee Dave Tharratt, as they level out and prepare a paddock for sowing at Oxley.

THE current dry spell, which has seen most areas of Victoria receive less than one third of its long term average rainfall in April, is causing some concern among the region’s farmers.

Prices for young cattle are reported to be at a three-year low, and many producers are seeing their fodder stocks disappearing before their eyes.

However, it is not all doom and gloom, at least according to one of Wangaratta’s leading hay suppliers.

Daniel Parker, of Parkers Hay at Oxley, said things are dry, but this month is a crucial one.

“I will really start to be concerned if we haven’t had a break in the next three weeks,” Daniel said.

“Our immediate area had around 50mm towards the end of March, and that has kept things going.

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