• Tramps Motorcycle Club solicitor claims Attorney General comment ‘fundamentally flawed’

    VICTORIAN Attorney General Robert Clark has been taken to task over comments he made in the Wangaratta Chronicle last Friday.

    Nevin Lenne and Gross principal, John Suta, who is representing 11 Tramps Motorcycle Club members attemtping to regain the legally registered firearms police seized from them in August last year, took exception to some of what Mr Clark had to say in the front page article.

    Mr Suta contacted the Chronicle and said Mr Clark’s comment that “Bike riders who have done nothing wrong have nothing to fear…” was “fundamentally flawed”.

    “The gun licenses held by my clients were suspended on August 23 last year on the grounds they were members of or have association with ‘outlaw motorcycle gangs’,” Mr Suta wrote.

    “We are none the wiser as of today as to what allegations of any wrong doing my clients may be guilty of.

    “Furthermore, to say the Criminal Organisation Control Act 2012 will give police more power to prevent criminal activities is false.

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