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Attorney General says bikie protest in our city won’t change state’s tough stance on outlaw gangs

Attorney-General Robert Clark

VICTORIAN Attorney-General, Robert Clark, had a clear message in Wangaratta yesterday for those who object to the state’s tough new stance on outlaw motorcycle gangs – get used to it.

Mr Clark said a scheduled protest next week in Wangaratta against the Criminal Organisations Control Bill 2012 will have no effect on lawmakers whatsoever, saying the state is committed to tackling the issue.

The protest next Saturday is being hosted by the Wangaratta-based Tramps Motorcycle Club, and is expected to attract more than 200 bikie club members from around Victoria.

Gang/club members have hit out at the new bill, which gives police the power to remove fortifications from bikie gangs’ property.

Mr Clark said the state would not be fooled by bikie gangs.

“Bike riders who have done nothing wrong have nothing to fear, but we know from past experience what really goes on in gangs behind closed doors, despite what the clubs say,” he said.

“It’s just a façade … for too long they’ve been able to get away with too much and the results are there for everyone to see.”

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