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    SHOW ME THE LAND: Vacant land to build on is scarce in Wangaratta until greenfield locations are rezoned and subdivided in the city’s northwest and south. Pictured is Insite Real Estate principal Angelo Pomponio at the already sold next stages of Baltimore Park Estate that should be ready to be built on in late April. PHOTO: Emma Hillier

    A LOCAL real estate agent has described Wangaratta as being at the crossroads of property development, population growth and a better economy but it greatly rests on the rezoning of land.

    Wangaratta council is still waiting on an approved change to the planning scheme to rezone greenfield land in the northwest and south of the city, a process that has taken several years.

    Growth Structure Plans will eventually allow long-time landowners to sell to developers, paving the way for more housing estates.

    Insite Real Estate principal Angelo Pomponio said if something isn’t done soon, Wangaratta will run out of land.

    “Council is at the crossroads and it’s very important for the decision to be made to rezone vacant land, you don’t want delays when there are people wanting to build,” Mr Pomponio said.

    “Strong town economies have good planning and Wangaratta needs it.”

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