Hoon drivers worry school

Carra Ps-01-wk19_pe_c4_20150507.jpg
SAFETY PLEA: Carraragarmungee Primary School principal Marie de Prada and student leaders Alex Haigh (left), Joe Allen, Elise Allen and Callum Dart-Bell. PHOTO: Luke Plummer

SPEEDING motorists who would lose their vehicles under anti-hoon laws are the catalyst for fresh calls into better safety conditions at a local school.

Near misses and motorists “flying past” Carraragarmungee Primary School at more than 40km/h over the speed limit are a common sight for concerned parents and children, and they want change now.

Some 80 people have supported a school petition to the Rural City of Wangaratta to have safety measures put in place.

They want school zone flashing lights, a 40km/h zone, and stop signs installed at a nearby intersection.

The school is located on Wangaratta-Eldorado Road, and even though motorists should travel at 60km/h during school safety times, the law is commonly flouted.

There are also concerns about the crossroads near the school where cars and trucks simply ignore give way signs in place.

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